Byte Suggestion & Discord Question

Hey, so, I had a quick suggestion. In our next update, can you please give us the power to flag posts for inappropriate categories? I know categories are subjective, but still, the amount of top videos I see in seemingly out of place categories is a bit of a let-down. (It downright ruins “absurd” at least, which is unfortunate, as it would probably be one of my favorites if used right)

If users could suggest categories for videos, then we could make an algorithm that suggested those categories to the user when they uploaded their next clip. It would make categories a lot more manageable - and ultimately, more compelling to follow.

Just my two cents.

Also - I searched the forum and saw word of a Byte Discord server? Please forgive me if this is the wrong place, but if anyone has a working link to that I’d be happier than pie :heartpulse::sparkles:


I agree a level of moderation should be brought back in the channels, would make them much more usable

I believe @SkaiXMask runs the byte homies discord, if that’s the one you mean

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Which server are you talking about?

Yes that’s correct I run the Byte Homies server