Byte Success

Vine was a massive success because the app was unique, but more importantly the content was entertaining. The creators made great content that spread around the world.

I have heard that there have been a lot of apps similar to Vine, and except Tik Tok (Disagree with me if you want, but I think it is too cringe-y), most of them have not seem to take off. I have watched some of the Oveo videos, and some of them are entertaining. But, why hasn’t Oveo been the replacement to Vine? Is it because it is being constantly compared to Vine? Is it the app itself that sucks?
Think about it, Byte will be presumably a 6-second app, and Oveo is a 7-second app, this is only 1-second difference! What’s the real difference between Byte and Oveo? How will Byte take off? Is it because of the fact the app is from Dom, the creator of Vine? Will that be good enough?

When Byte comes around, I think the most important thing that will make Byte succeed is the CREATORS, yes I’m talking about us. We have to create great content that will bring the glorious days of Vine back and open up another era. We have to create a healthy community where CONTENT matters the most, not the NUMBER of likes and comments. The app may be great, but if the content sucks, then it will go nowhere. The Success of Byte depends on us, the creators.

Let’s bring the Glorious Days of Vine BACK and Open the New Era of Byte!


I couldn’t have said it better my self. Those who push their work and form it into something hilarious or serious are the ones who deserve the true feeling of fame.


I agree with you about Tik Tok, I´m sorry but I would like the accounts to be handled by teenagers and adults because if they are handled by children the app will become cringe and it is different when a child tries to be funny to a mature person who knows what is funny (As you know, children make cringe content, I am not saying that all children make bad jokes, but the vast majority)

Children make cringe content because they are children, and they do not have as much knowledge so for them anything is funny

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LoL Oevo never made it because the organisation and management of the app sucked really bad.

Plus all the bugs !!! It was infected with tons of bugs that never got resolved … you can’t expect for a app to blow up if it does not work however it was fun … while it lasted now its dead RIP !


This is my one fear with the app. I’m excited about it because I loved Vine and the type of content people created, and I want to join in because I was too shy and scared when vine was still around, and I regret that.

But on this forums I get the feeling that most people who jumped on beta only want to shoot for fame. I fear that this will become “the app for desperate people who try too hard”, and that all the authentic people who could make it feel like vine felt back in the day will just delete the app.

And before anyone comes at me for being negative…

All this talk about “posting every day, if you miss one day someone else gets ahead on the race!” = you care more about the race than about the quality, since posting everyday is known to cause burnout and bad posting

All those ideas for Engagement Groups = you care about growing your numbers artificially. You want people who give you likes and comments even if they dont like your content, that’s the only reason engagement groups exist.

I just hope the people who focus on good content and community are more than the ones who care about getting fame and money, because if that doesn’t happen it’s likely we’ll just become another dead oevo


Yes, of course consitency is key for growing, but the way I’ve seen people talking about it in this forum gives me bad feelings all over.

There’s a lot of “positivity” and “love and encourage you guys” all over the forums, but when people talk about posting every day and other things, there’s always this underling spirit of “the race” like a competition. It’s always got this feeling of being on top, better than others, bigger than others.

Yes, posting frequently and consistently is important to grow, but it also makes it hard to do quality content, and I don’t see people even considering things like that


I think if everyone has the same mentality of trying to be the best and always on top surely that will do good for the app seeing as everyone will try and work their butts off the be number ones. …

The app itself will have regular quality content.

“Be the best” is not the same as having quality content though.

Tik tok is the top downloaded app, and some teens are getting millions of fans from it, but I’m sure we can all agree there isn’t a lot of quality content there.

Another example: as much as I hate them, the Paul brothers with their posting everyday and going bigger and better would qualify as “working their butts off to be number one”. Now imagine a whole platform of people like them. Mass audiences would jump ship immediately, and we would never get the kind of community people grieved for when vine died

Oevo was buggy af.


I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about consistency of posting - comedy is all I could see myself doing on Byte, and the idea of coming up with something to record, edit, and post every single day already makes me feel burned out, and I haven’t even started.

Of course, users who make a few hit vines and then end up being extremely inconsistent, posting once every few months, probably won’t see much growth. I think the best spot to be in is in that happy medium where people have attainable goals for posting content (say, once every three days, once a week, or even once a month) and stick to those goals to the best of their ability, as long as those goals don’t force the creator to push so hard that burnout occurs, and quality is sacrificed for quantity.

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Exactly what I think! I myself will not be doing more than three times a week on a best case scenario, two times a week being more likely. I just know I would have to push bad content for it every-day posting for me and my shcedules.

Look foward to seeing you on byte!


Agree that content mattering the most is important. Have to make content that’s both good, and what the people want