Byte SEO (for in app search)

I know some creators don’t like adding a caption because they don’t want it overlayed on their video and I personally don’t like adding in-video text very often, but one of those is necessary for the eventual search feature. I was wondering if we could add text with invisible ink so it appears in the searches but doesn’t cover the video


A much easier solution is the ability to hide captions in the comment section which would be pretty cool


It’d be cool if we could add “tags” much like youtube. they could exist in the byte as metadata for eventual search capabilities.


Yeah i think like Mauro said, something like YouTube where we could have more than 3 hashtags but most were hidden would be nice.


This might be off topic, but I would like to be able to edit captions both on new and older posts…so If we wanted to go back to old posts and hashtag then, when hashtagging wasn’t available. That would be cool

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I like this. I try to keep it uncluttered but even with 3 hashtags, if they’re kinda long, it looks cluttered.


I don’t know if it’s the same thing you thought, but I had a similar idea a few months ago Hashtag eeeepic idea

Soooo Bytefaaam :yum: I discovered something last night. Byte staff dooont change this plz!! :pray:

It is for Androids!!

Soo know how the new UI looks similar to TikTok, we can’t see who rebyted and the captions can be a lot (I do it too) or captions are in the way of a byte… Eeeehehehe… So do this team…

Enable Zen Everywhere…

This will happen! :smile:

Open the comments box, like if you would comment on someone’s byte…

Rebytes will show who rebyted it!

Captions will be minimal
But fully shows # and @ and the full caption when the comment box pops up

It will show the original byte look, not the newest version.

Sounds still work, It’s the original look, I tried a sound and it worked.

If you want to see if someone has a sound you want to use, UnZen everywhere and it will show back to what Byte looks like now. :yum:

Taaaa daaa! :laughing::laughing: Dooont change this Byte staff! Have it be optional!

I have told other ByteFam members and they like it :laughing::pray: Cool.

@MadameWombat Try this