Byte scheduling

I work a lot. As such i try to record a few bytes at a time and post them over the course of a week. If for whatever reason something happens in work which means I end up working more than usual, I don’t get the chance to post.

What would be amazing is if I could schedule a few posts (maybe limited to 5 to stop people from logging on once a month and to actually keep them active) ahead of time, with messages etc.

That way, we can continue to post content regularly but don’t have to worry about anything stopping us from doing so.

I know YouTube has video release scheduling. Twitter and Instagram also allow post scheduling using third party clients but I’d rather stay away from third party byte clients.

Let me know if anyone else likes this as an idea.


I already posted something similar here Scheduled Bytes? ⏰ but they do need to add this but I am sure someone must be working on it for now or later.