Byte Remix

Not sure if this idea was mentioned already, so I apologize in advance if this was mentioned already (I tried to look through old topics but didn’t see anything on this tbh), but Vine actually had this feature and I think it would be awesome to bring it to Byte. I believe that Vine use to call this feature Vine remix and basically you could take audio from someone else’s video and use it in your video. The creator of the video was notified that the other person used the audio from their video and you could also click on a little symbol next to the other person’s video and it would link you back to the original video.

As a person that made music on Vine, I was insanely happy when ppl would use the audio from my videos on their edits and their videos in general. This feature could also be nice for a comedy video that may start to trend on the app (for example) and ppl want to remake it using the original audio from the clip. This feature could possibly be turned off for people that for whatever reason don’t want to use this feature or if their account is on private.

I don’t think that what I’m about to say was included on Vine in regards to this feature, but in addition to being able to use the audio from the original clip, I think it would also be nice to add your own audio to the clip if you choose to. For example, if someone was singing something or playing an instrument it’d be nice to be able to sing/rap over the audio. I think that it’d make collaborating a lot easier. Not sure if that could be done, but if it was able to be done, I’m not sure if the app would be able to adjust the volume of the original audio file and the one that was just recorded automatically, so one recording wouldn’t sound too loud or too quiet compared to the other recording, or maybe we could be given the option to adjust the volume of each part ourselves? Like I said I’m not sure if that part can be done, just throwing my ideas out there. :slight_smile:


I agree. It will be fun if this feature gets back.

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I’d imagine it would just be a button somewhere on the screen that would pop up 2 volume sliders 1 for the original and 1 for the new audio

Not gonna lie I love the idea however I fell like people could say “oh it’s copying TikTok” which I could understand why but apparently TikTok is coping Vine? I was young when Vine was in and I was more of a watcher then a creator so I don’t remember features all that much (cause you know I didn’t use it) but if it’s actually the case yeah let’s get it back :muscle:t3:


Bumping this because ppl that have joined the app from TT have been inquiring about this.