Byte rebranded as Vine?

What if Byte was “rebranded” as Vine. Twitter still owns the name but there’s so much talk about Vine coming back and let’s face it almost everyone here came because of their nostalgia for that app. Hell, Byte is the spiritual successor to Vine. I really love what’s been happening to Byte as of late and it’s pretty cool seeing new people feeling comfortable with the community on the app. No joke though, if Byte gets rebranded as Vine I will cry like shit. was “rebranded” remember? I don’t know how these things work but yeah, just being optimistic. :relieved:


I guess you should never say never but still…


Me who has never used vine or byte… still like it tho


I highly doubt it since twitter owns the rights to that name and won’t give it up :pensive:. But u never know how the byte team could use that vine energy to help byte be the place it is now! :smile: :raised_hands:

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I was there in 2013 and was right there when it died in 2017. Can we please just let Vine rest easy? It’s hard enough just hearing it’s name. Byte is Byte. :pray:t2:


I was too, I just wanted to talk about something no one went in depth on.


I understand. No hate. No shade. :green_heart:


byte feels nothing like Vine, so I’d actually hate a change like that


Hate to be the realist here, but rebranding byte as Vine would unfortunately be the platform’s death sentence.

Let me explain why.

When people say they want Vine back, they primarily want the culture of Vine. That culture being creators big and small learning how to get creative at music, comedy, randomness, and whatnot in only 6.5 seconds. That worked fine for Vine, but when the platform died, so did that culture.

Back when byte was publicly released, wanna know what the primary convincing factor for many people to join?
The fact that it was the “successor to Vine.”
That’s what caused a massive influx of users back in January. However, when their expectations of byte having the same culture as Vine weren’t met, large amount of people deleted the app (and many of them seem to be returning even if only temporarily thanks to byte trending again).

So even if Dom were able to obtain the Vine name from Twitter, what would happen?

  • You’d have people who missed the first influx who’d come onto the app, find it lacking in Vine’s culture, and then get mad because it’s not like the Vine they remember
  • You’d have people who remember the first influx and who would give the platform bad press because again, it’s not like the Vine they remember
  • You’d have people trying to force the devs to make the platform exactly like Vine used to be, with square videos and 6.5 seconds

Let’s just say it would be a disaster as you’d have “Vine that tried but couldn’t be Vine,” and that would be so detrimental to this platform’s growth. It makes me sad when I think about it.

I did notice another possibility mentioned of Vine being brought back as a platform separate from byte, which in theory would be difficult but still more viable than rebranding byte as Vine.
I think many of us, especially the beta testers who’ve seen this platform through since the beginning, would be sad to see byte die based solely on the fact that it “didn’t live up to Vine.” :cry:

P.S. I’m not trying to bash your idea in any way, I can understand the nostalgia you feel for Vine. I’m just saying that it would have disastrous consequences as byte has already shaped itself into something very different than Vine, and trying to undo all that hard work would be very sad.


Of course you would lol I love your honesty girly :heart:

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I think trying to relate it to vine in any way just isnt allowed in the first place, with the whole selling to twitter situation, and so i doubt it’d work.

but even if we could rebrand it as vine, i dont think its the smartest thing to do. mauro said this perfectly, “byte is becoming its own platform focusing on video communities, byte will not be “the new tik tok” or “the new vine” it will be simply be ~byte~”

I think trying to hold onto vine is the biggest problem with our community. It holds us back if we’re trying to live in nostalgia. Its MUCH better to push forward with byte and make a new name for ourselves


i would definitely like that a year ago but now i think byte is better

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Your feedback is very much appreciated! I probably should’ve made it more obvious that I love what byte is on its own. I already know that byte isn’t suppose to be vine , it’s gone now turning back now. The culture was for its time, I suppose Byte is having its own cultured fleshed out as the months go by. I’m very pleased with what’s going on as of late and I say this all time to people I know offline “I can’t wait to see how far it has come within a year!” Again, thanks so much for your feedback, I really enjoy reading the statements you post on these forums so it’s really cool having you respond to one of mine :relieved:

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