Byte Reaction Video Challenge


  1. Using ONLY IG say one random word in you video (must be PG at most)

  2. Tag someone who you think would be great for this challenge by tagging them on here on this forum in your reply

  3. Reply on this forum with a link to your video

  4. Winner will be the first one who replies with a byte app video when it officially releases.

Let’s see see if we can make this viral :blush:

I’ll begin



I might be missing something but I don’t follow the rules 100%


Im also rereading it for the 4th time


well bc i don’t have instagram i’ll b a normie

here we go fams



btw i get the rules, i think we keep making this byte thing work so byte can get more attention

it could go viral

and then the last one will happen when byte releases!

ya yeey


I was confused for about 1 minute, now I get it.


What parts are confusing you?

If you can explain what part(s) confuse so I’ll be able to clarify and edit the rules properly

Thanks for participating

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im just not sure what you mean by part 1, and then from there part 2 doesn’t make sense

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Thanks for suggesting me but guess who still doesn’t understand :blush:

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I edited it slightly and hopefully this clarifies

  1. Shoot a video

  2. In the video say only 1 random word (no cursing, swearing, sexually explict)

  3. There you finished recording the video!

  4. Now upload the finshed video only onto Instagram.

  5. After the video is done uploading onto Instagram go back to that video post

  6. On the upper right hand corner of your Instagram post you will see 3 dots like this “…”

  7. Tap on it

  8. After tapping it you’ll see various options, “Archive, Turn off commenting, edit, copy link, share, delete, cancel.”

  9. tap the “copy link.” Option

  10. After completing that step come back to this post and hit the reply arrow button

  11. In your reply use the “paste” option to paste the link you copied from step 8 into your post.

  12. Use the @ in your post to tag someome you think could make a funny video of this challenge as well.

  13. Press the blue “reply,” button and you’re done.

If you’re still stuck just tell me which parts and I’ll help you understand this completely

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