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alright boys, I found this thing called whilst browsing good old youtube, the program/website allows you mash together whatever song you can find on youtube or spotify platforms to create a completely new song.

A good example is these what I’ve made with tracks I personally like.




The possiblities are endless, now its your turn.

Link -


I gotta be honest after one mashup this site is actually really cool, will update with cool ones <3

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Oh wow I was actually looking for something like this weeks ago lol

Like the 3rd one the best in my opinon

I’m in class right now but I definitely want to check this out.

Should I be high for this thread? I feel like I should be high right now…

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mine is trash but sounds ok around the 1:20 minute mark and onward imo lol

once again i sense potential around 1:30 but then it drops it lol. still a really cool site tho : )

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