Byte Random Team Competitions

Ok, so ages ago dom mentioned that there could be competitions with brackets in byte, with a final, semi final etc. This got me thinking about a possibility for a great collaborative idea, random team competitions!

So instead of having a competition where it’s individuals against each other, people are paired together randomly, and work together to create videos for the competition.

I don’t know exactly how competitions are planned to work, but the rules for one round might be that one person from each pair has to make a sport related byte, and the other a nature related byte.

The voting is also something that I don’t know about, maybe it’ll be a public vote between each team, or maybe just all the other competition members get to vote?

There could be an option to add your competition entries to your profile, something like this?

Anyway, I just thought that random teams could be cool, as it would allow people to get to collaborate with others that they might not ever interact with or even know otherwise!


Maybe the summer teams will determine who can be in byte for the next month, hopefully​:sunglasses::beach_umbrella:


Here’s a look on brackets, maybe you can tap on each picture to be taken to the persons profile. Would be cool after a competition to be able to see all of the people that were involved, even if they didn’t win!


Did Dom ever mention if everyone on the app has to compete in these competitions, because i just want byte for leisure. Competitions make quality drop.


It’s probably optional. Doubt they’re going to do anything to force competition


Highly doubt that you’ll have to take part. This idea at least isn’t something you’d have to do, it would be opt in, if you want to have a bit of fun with a random competition. No benefits except taking part.


This seems fun. I like the idea of being able to connect with another creator who I may have never interacted with

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