Byte Previews & Loops

I have a suggestion for the recent update involving the animated previews of bytes: the preview should start at the frames of the byte that are actually shown.

Bytes at 30 FPS skip the first and last 3 frames of the clip already, while 60 FPS bytes skip 6 frames at the beginning and end (total of 12 frames lost). The previews could also skip these frames at the start to match the actual byte shown.

An alternative solution to this is to let users choose where the animated preview starts.

I suspect that this might already be considered once looping is tweaked to function better across web viewing and android. I usually leave 3 frames blank at the beginning of my bytes, and the preview ends up showing the blank black frames.
I can always just add footage to those first 3 frames that are cut from my 30 FPS bytes if it would be unnecessary to change previews in this way.