BYTE PODCAST TOMORROW! 😄 | speculation post

This post is for merely speculating the contents that will be discussed in tomorrow’s podcast!

Dom is said to make an appearance! Apparently really exciting information will come tomorrow!

With that being said, what do you think will be talked about in tomorrow’s podcast? New features to be announced? The beta release date? Sound off in the comments down below!


i got a few questions id like to ask the main man himself tbh

but hopefully we get some juicy new info


i hope so!

i speculate that we might get a hint about a release date maybe.

also maybe some more info about teams?

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a l l h a i l t h e d o m

what was teams again?

basically a feature where Byters can ‘meet’ on the app and create a digital group. @bonjee

i assume he might talk about > a bit from yesterdays tweets but maybe not since it’s recorded. I don’t know if we should expect a beta date tbh, wouldn’t get ur hopes up!


dont think we’ll get a date, but maybe a hint about a time period

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itll be between now and mid january for sure, like in the next month

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that would be nice

Can anyone tell me how I can find podcast please???

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Unfortunately the podcast has been postponed. However, you can join our discord to find out when the podcast will be and how to listen to it!


Ok thank you

i can see the beta being out start of next year and looking forward to it

I believe so too… I wish to start the new years with a bang

I think it’s going to be the > option and how that affects sharing videos in posts, comments, and profiles. It also might be discussed if that’s the way to mention or tag other users.

or we can have a group chat feature!

thought it was actually happening tomorrow but this post is old, RIP