Byte playlists

I know a few people have suggested playlists before, but I have a few more ideas and mechanichs to add on the that.

  1. First, there could be different types of playlists. Up until recently, YouTube had a type of playlist where you could make series. If a video was in a series playlist, then a little “name of show- season x • episode y” identification would show next to the title. I think that this would be a good idea if you have you have some bytes that you want people to know are from the same series or story

  2. Second, there could be music playlists. On YouTube there’s also a type of playlists that provides shuffle features and also a picture for the playlist. This would be good for, of course, musicians or singers.

  3. Third, there could be playlist stats. It would interesting if you could see how many times a playlist has been watched all the way through, like loops, but for the whole playlist.

  4. Lastly, playlist following. It would also be good if you could follow a playlist, so that everytime someone adds to the playlist, you get notified about it. It would be like following a user, but it wouldn’t be a specific persons videos, just the videos added to the playlist.

That’s all, let me know your thoughts :grinning:


Very interesting!

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