Byte Partner Program Suggestions Pt. 1

If there’s one thing that the byte partner program could do right is have a relationships with the partner program members. I had my youtube channel monetized but some vids didn’t monetize but YT never really explained why. I understand as this platform gets bigger byte can’t keep track of everybody, but being honest about certain aspects of censorship with the algorithim would be nice such as, “hey you can’t swear, or make jokes about x,y, or z,” instead of seeing a yellow demonetizing button. I’d go on a longer rant about this, but I’ll make a part 2 to this.


I feel like certain “controversial” jokes or swears make byte what it is. Surely management caters everyone. You made a good point though, I’d rather be told everything so the partner program can run smoothly


I’ll stick with PG13 content :thinking:

I don’t think you should be worried about byte being transparent and involved with the community if they manage to keep up what they’re doing now. They always keep us updated on the forums and have several social medias we can reach out to for help such as the discord server and the twitter account.

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