Byte on Vidcon 2021

How likely do you think this will happen? I’d say a 1% chance but i dont know the team’s view on this


pal we are in a pandemic i dont think its gonna happen


I beg to differ. Vidcon 2020 was pushed back, but still held (in mexico).
The end of the pandemic is in sight, and summer will most likely be a safe and possible time for events like Vidcon.


0 percent chance because vidcon said they’re not doing it this year

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damn what kinda eyesight you got because i cant see the end of the pandemic rn

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Wow, already?! Its only the 14th!

Who are they gonna send to represent them? The partners? Pa dum tss


I know right, Nike is jumping to represent us!

VidCon is so Dead now.
but also, I don’t think that Conventions Gonna even open their doors till 2025-2028 comes around?
but my hope for those to open their doors maybe at 2034-2037 I bet. On my luck Statistics.

Do you know how long just one year lasts?

is that a question Bro? it’s 365.25 days till another new year duh.

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why hecking would ANY event be held in Mexico??

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wait hol up, what in the mexico’s name? are they deaf?
Bruh VidCon inside Mexico that’s just outmind…

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You passed the test with flying colors

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maybe its cheaper or they hzave less covid regulations. Either way they shouldve just went with an online event


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Of Course I am DUH.

The chances of the pandemic going away in 2021 are slim… At least until summer. Maybe by fall it may be safe for people to go out but the vaccines have not rolled out majorly yet. Also even without the pandemic, byte is a small app so I doubt that it would be featured on Vidcon…


That’s True, But also at the same time Vaccine Shortage is real all people to get vaccinated till 2022 which is horrible to fearsome with wait-hold-ups. it’s fearmongering just something to bothered.