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Im going to give an opinion to Byte, why byte doesn’t post Content on Twitter like before ?, they are posting memes and things that aren’t related to Byte, to be honest. They are literally scaring people off in Twitter.

No matter how excited I was when this app came out, thinking that this was going to become the next Vine, this is becoming a different thing and people outside the forums are not liking it.

I mean, what is this ?

And Talking about Among Us:

And Byte was making a great Job :clap: before when they where posting things that Actually are relatable with Byte and grabbing people’s attention:

I know that a lot of people are not going to like the things that I’m saying but, I just wanted to Give my opinion and I hope that the Byte team takes it into consideration. I believe on the app and That’s why I’m Not deleting the app, I know for a Fact that Byte still has an opportunity.


I agree that they aren’t utilizing twitter as well as they could be, especially when it comes to showing what content you would see on byte.


Yeah I know that they where posting content from Byte before, they where posting the best content that they saw, but that was great as people who didn’t had the app, had a chance of looking at what byte is about, and that attracts the people to download the app. They Should use Twitter to bring attention as they where Making it before.


Actually you’ve got a point here about bringing back the content features.
However, stan Loona.



I agree that byte twitter account has a few problems but the example you gave is the worst you could choose. Like, most of the people saying they blocked or unfollowed said it as a joke lol

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Surely are some odd tweets but the likes appear to show a different story to yours. Numbers look mostly better than the earlier tweets.

The tweets don’t appeal to me, but then Byte seemed to stop trying to appeal to an adult audience a while ago. I’m sure Dom knows what he’s doing…


Also, look at Doms Bytes (especially on his alt). He’s got a weird sense of humour, the tweets don’t really surprise me if he’s running the account :rofl: also wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t really care about the cesspit that is twitter.


Because everyone hates K-pop

wait, really?


You have a point, I shouldn’t talked about this, I was just wanted to talk about my opinion and how byte is doing because I feel worried about Byte, I just Think that Byte should Promote more the app so more people could Join the app. There is nothing bad at all.

They / He should promote more Byte, that’s all.


:eyes: BTS army would say otherwise

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I don’t know who the BTS army is and I don’t really care about them.

meanwhile- :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

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ddaeng… :slightly_frowning_face:

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remember when i posted actual issues with byte’s marketing strategy? me neither- :confused: Accessibility issues on byte's tweets


I didn’t get that but Ok :neutral_face::+1: