Byte On Pyrocynical

Pyrocinical recently made a video about byte and said a lot of bad thing about it. If you’ve watched it, what do you think about what he said. If you haven’t watched it click here


from what I understood he thinks the only viners on the vine platform were the Pauls and Lele Pons.


pretty much

It’s OK, everyone’s allowed an opinion. But what we can do is prove him wrong. :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of the dude tbh

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Who is he? Anyways it’s just an opinion, that doesn’t make things true. Byte is da bomb. End of debate

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Ok what he said wasn’t even that bad. He’s just after the views and trying to be entertaining and I don’t blame him for that.


He’s that guy that’s only on the forums to promote his YouTube channel

Haha. He forgot about the good ex viners: vlog squad, the comedy trinity( Cody ko, Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez)


isnt this a good thing? the video has ~890,000 views, so surely some more people will join here?
it’s funny though because he’s looking at it from a youtube perspective, thinking it will spawn a new wave of jake pauls and lele pons lookalikes.

as it stands i don’t think this is the case, due to byte not having a mainstream audience yet, not being promoted all that much, and in general you have to look for the site in order to find it, which will continue (imo) as vine was integrated and supported by twitter, whereas byte is independent and supported wholly by it’s community, so talentless hacks/ people who are only looking for fame on byte won’t be as big of an issue; thus an overflow into youtube won’t either.


no because he makes shit videos and has a cringy community

I mean I agree with him on the annoying unfunny vine refugees that went on youtube. But I think byte will last longer than vine.

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hes not on the forums

Nice. I could care less who comes back man. If they bring a following with them, it makes it easier for you lads to get a following :love_you_gesture:t5:

Is he on the forums? What’s his user

I don’t think it’s really a good or bad thing.

By the time byte comes out everyone will know about it, or at least everyone that wants to.

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hes not i think hes talking about me but its not my channel

I mistaked him for @Profan1ty