Byte not out in the Philippines!

It’s not in Google Play store when I searched for it. I only have access to the beta version so I was able to download it but when is the public release coming out? And will it affect how the Partner Program participants will be chosen (will my country be excluded)?


byte will be out for the whole Philippines but now its only beta. It is harder to get apps out to some countries but staff is working on it.

Not sure how the Partner Program will affect the Phillipines. Im sure after byte is released their it will also be there but for the Partner Program is for US only at this moment.


Yea, as a fellow person/beta tester from the PH, I am aware that our country isn’t on the first public release countries list, so technically the app isn’t public in our country yet.

And since partner program is only for the US yet, we’re not yet affected by this in any way, shape or form for now.

Give it some time it’ll be out soon…