Byte Newcomer Support Thread - How Can We Help?

To the creators recently joining the Byte fam - welcome! The Byte crew has been around for over a year now - working on various stages of the Beta, and trying to find a great balance to make the app successful. We know there are some VAST differences to TikTok, and that’s the fun of it - challenge yourself to be creative in your way and enjoy the journey. That said, this thread is designed for Byte creators to answer your questions, if you need help w/ the app (features, tutorials, etc) I encourage all OG Byte creators to extend an olive branch and help new users make this place special. We want to see everyone succeed without these Millennial v Gen Z wars and just build a great community.

So - how can we help?!


Yes, I’m here to help y’all out anytime, just reach out and chat!

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