Byte New Updates Yippee!❤

Finally some good news…
(by popular demand, here’s some stuff you’ll see on byte very soon.

:speech_balloon: comment liking/replies
:nerd_face: more control over your algorithm
:abcd: better text tools
:rocket: faster performance
:bell: better notifications
:art: more customization for your page
:bell: sounds! upload/use sounds from other videos)
But i just need followers tab too so we can see followers of other people right? But these are awesome byte will go to such an extreme level after all these…


Out of genuine curiousity, outside of clout chasing and needless division on basis of your follower count in “classes” of user, is there really any reason to see other’s follower count?


Yes it is by watching other people followers we’ll only came to know which page is rising without it can u predict whose on top right now? I just gave my point of view…:blush:

I think part of the intention is that you’re not supposed to know who’s number one, because the intent isn’t to “win” at the app so much as it is create cool content and engage with cool content.
If you enjoy a creator’s content, you should follow them, regardless of their following. If you don’t like somebody’s content, why follow them, regardless of the other support they have?
I mean, I suppose that it could be a “goal” but does it really matter who’s got the most followers? For instance, if person a has 100,000 followers, but only gets 500 comments and 5k likes per video, where as person b might only have 50,000 followers but gets like 700 comments per video and up to 10k likes on average- who’s the one on top?


I got your point we should not run after followers we should post good stuff and people will come automatically right? I get it you are right!!! Thanks :blush::heart: