Byte Neverending Story! By Indiscretion

Hi there! I think this is my first post in the forum. :sweat_smile:

Back on Vine I started a tag called #vineneverendingstory. It was really fun and the story was hilarious as other people added their snippet. It was one of the things I loved about Vine-

I just started #byteneverendingstory if anyone wants to add on!

Also- can one search tags? I hope so, because that makes the story…

Rules: Search the tag if possible to find the latest version of the story. Put “next” in the comments on the BYTE so others know you’re doing it next. First person to put “next” is the next person…yeah I’m tired and repeating myself. Anyway, that way it can be sequential. Do whatever you want with the story when it’s your turn as long as it connects to the previous byte.

I’m Indiscretion on Byte, by the way. :crazy_face:

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Cool! Actually I meant one should put “next” on the actual byte so others know you’re next. I’ll tag you on the byte.

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