Byte Moved From Channel

So… the rules in /musicmakers say to put in the description if the song is original and you can’t be seen playing it. I thought including that it was by me would’ve covered that. I’ll put “original” in the videos from this point forward, but could a mod move the post back to the music makers channel? This is original material.

Edit: I just realized I did tag it with “original music.” :man_shrugging:


Hey Evyn! Can you resubmit that video to /musicmakers? There was a bit of a lag after introducing the new rule.


Sure… a bit frustrating though, because the video that saved in my library isn’t playing the same as it was edited (for some reason), so now I have to spend more time re-editing this when it shouldn’t have been moved in the first place. It’s discouraging honestly.


Deleting and reuploading a byte is not a good system for fixing these mistakes. There should be an appeal process/form and the kids should have the ability to recategorize the byte.
That was a negative post, so here’s a heart to make up for it :heartpulse:. I know this is new and you’re doing your best. Thank you.