Byte Messenger for Creators

I know this would take a lot of work but I was thinking instead of messaging people through other platforms we should have a byte messenger for creators. That way people who are all using different things like discord or instragram or facebook can be on one platform. I know that is probable asking too much but I was wondering what people think of this idea. I know we have the community forum but a chat based app would be awesome in my opinion . What you think?


Well, for now, they are working on direct messaging in a way that predatory behavior doesn’t happen as Dom has said here. But once they work around this I am sure they will get to add this at some point but if they don’t it might not happen. They are a small team and don’t have all these mods to monitor messages.


That makes since. It would be a huge task.

I kinda have a fantasy where they never feature DMs and instead devote those resources to other aspects of Byte, especially the algorithm. With the 10,000 platforms out there that have direct messaging, it seems kind of redundant to have one on Byte.

Byte doesn’t feature a lot of the functionality that you’d consider “standard” on most social media (vanity numbers like publishing follow count, showing who shares your stuff) and I don’t think any of the absences diminish the Byte experience and I’d be curious to see what the effect would be to the community if all of these features were left off in the long run.


I agree that I’d like for them to focus their resources and I have no rush for DMs.

I’d say the only opposition I have is when you want to do a collaboration with another Byter it becomes a difficulty of 1. How do you talk to the person you want to collaborate with, without publicly sharing your social media accounts. 2. How do you send over the video file that you want them to post to their channel.

I think if there was a suggested alternative around this then I agree I have no problem with no DM being involved in the app.


I think DMs are important. The amount of “check your DMs” I’ve gotten is a few more than I thought I would.

And you probably don’t need to worry about that @AmericasComic, typically you’ll need data scientists to work on the algorithm and developers to work on software features like DM so these resources shouldn’t overlap, unless they’re using higher level out of the box tools.


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