Byte Me Tees (Design Only 'Cause, You Know, Trademark!)

Out of boredom I’ve designed a Byte Me: Tee Shirt for advertisement purposes and for some revenue for the Byte developers to bring in. I’d buy it, but I made it…so I’m biased! LOL.

What do you all think? Don’t worry- I handle criticism well, especially considering I’m making this at “work” and it only took me ten minutes.


I love it… when will I be receiving one


I’d say maybe space the text a little farther apart, it looks kinda cramped.
But other than that I think I’d be interested in getting one! :blush:


Nice :smiley:




I like this design! It’s pretty lit


Thanks Bro! LOL- As soon as Dom hands over the app rights and everything that comes along with it, like the trademark. He seems like a nice dude. I’m sure I can expect that to happen any day now!

LOL :rofl: Never have there been words I like to hear more than these. Should I be like everyone on Twitter these days and tag my CashApp ID?

Thanks, my dude! Why I’m designing shirts with logos I can’t legally use is beyond me, but the boredom during these times is REAL!!! LOL.

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Yeah, the spacing is key. lol, I freak out over those little things too because I love typography and design a looottt. lol :joy:


totally dig the design, id buy the shirt if it was for sale

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I want it. I want it right now and in my face.

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Sweeeeet. Thank you, my friend!

Hahaha. But do you really want it? Your response seems kind of “meh.” :wink: JK JK!!!

I’ll happily accept a free one :smirk::rofl:

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I’d buy it! Love the idea.

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Hahaha. You got it, my friend. It’s in the mail now. If it gets lost…blame #CORONA!!!

Well thank you very much!! I appreciate that! :slight_smile:

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No lie, finna ask to buy one rn, unofficial & all bruh, just take it :money_with_wings::wave:t5::rofl:!

This is dope! I love the whole “byte me @” concept. I want one too! Lol