Byte Marketing

Do we know anything about Byte’s marketing plan?

I haven’t seen any adverts for Byte elsewhere - am I just not seeing them or has the marketing campaign not been launched yet?

I’m presuming there is a plan to market I guess there could not be.



Don’t think they’ve started advertising yet, unless I’ve missed something somehow


we’ll start at some point but it’s not the right time yet


Thought this would be the case! Cheers


Ayeee, can’t wait :ok_hand:t4::rocket:


Dom :partying_face:


Right now it’s our job as creators to bring heads to the content we’re creating. Advertise it around , word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.


I don’t understand why it is too soon for there to be a marketing plan if the app has been through beta, and has been out for 3 weeks. People downloaded the app because of nostalgia (Vine2.0) and many have put it down since. In my experience working in digital marketing, when you release something you can’t just pause marketing. Especially in this day and age, where everyone wants instant gratification. Even simply running some kind of minimal campaign focusing on how this app is not TikTok because it is an app where creators are free to make whatever content they want. Regardless if loyal users like it or not, this app is compared to TikTok because everything you can do on Byte, you can do on TikTok. WITH the exception of you, Dom, engaging with ideas and concerns, the lack of censorship, and the creator program. The app is out now, people aren’t going to go back to it, as many have stopped using it because they think they have a chance at getting more popular on TikTok. We can always say it’s on the creators to promote but this app went through a long beta period and has now been out three weeks. The lack of marketing is going to potentially be a downfall in my opinion. I would suggest starting a campaign program paying influencers on various apps to bring users in. Especially YouTubers with high engagement rates. Obviously targeting more millennials, and focusing on Byte’s lack of censorship and emphasis on the creator program. Marketing is 100% necessary and it is the right time for marketing. As much as we love to think it will happen, users don’t really self-promote for apps. Thanks for reading if you see this. I really love the app and want it to succeed is the only reason I bring this concern up.


Interesting points, maybe it’s a case of adding more features to the app before bringing people in so when they do arrive they’ll want to stay?


Here’s the thing:

  1. The byte dev team is a dedicated but small group. Therefore, something big like marketing is going to take longer for them to implement than a huge million-dollar company like Facebook or YouTube.

  2. I trust @dom’s decision to start the marketing later. He’s been working in the social media industry for quite a while (remember, he was one of the co-devs of Vine). As a business major in college, I know that if you’re going to market, you have to do it right. So I advise you to trust the developers’ decisions, as they could have a greater plan for marketing that neither of us might even think of. :blush:


Then why release? Why not stay in beta. That’s what worries me.

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Good point

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I guess if they want the app to be in the best possible place when marketing starts it needs to have been operating in a non beta environment for a while. Could the app currently be thought of as being somewhere in between beta and full release?

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In the end of the day, content is King, and additional features isn’t gonna being creators - lack of content leads to lack of viewership. I agree marketing is key to bring more traction - 2020 is different than 2012, and with short form video competition much more now, marketing is more critical now - again, I’m just a dad making funny videos with my daughter and have no clue how the “app” biz works - just an observation :blush: Henry


you don’t buy ads (or influencer campaigns) until you’re sure that you’ll retain a good portion of the people you’re advertising to. otherwise you’re spending a lot of money on people who try it once and don’t come back. that’s called a leaky bucket and it can be pretty bad for a business

right now our main focus is on making the app better and listening to feedback. when the the time is right we will invest in marketing :slight_smile:


The way dom and the team are doing things now is amazing. Myself and a few other creators are pushing the app through word of mouth and our owns means of marketing. Like I’ve said in a different topic , people are expecting to go viral without putting in the effort to build an audience just expecting byte to be pushing them to the forefront of the social media buzz. Just like you won’t get a million views on a YouTube video without any subscribers is the same way your Byte videos won’t hit without effort work and patience behind the process.


This right here – the man speaking is one of three creators of the ever-successful and immortalized Vine, so I’m pretty sure Dom knows what he’s talking about. He’s got years of experience in development and networking…we’re all in it for the long game as creators, and them as developers.

Again. TikTok was for 4 years before it was rebranded. It took them four years to even grow, and another two to really blow up.

Byte has been out for about three weeks. Not even a twelfth of a year, let alone four to six of them. Give it time. Nothing ever comes from just hype alone, that just leads to burnout. It’s about consistency and long-term investments from both creators and consumers. <3


Agree with @dom here.

Take a look at the Lean Startup.

They have a MVP and have made it out of Beta.

Is the app perfect? No, but they have a solid base of dedicated early adopters who are using it regularly and helping to polish the app.

I expect a lot of improvements in the near future before they are ready for marketing.

Don’t be in such a rush to get the attention of the masses. Vero got a huge launch with lots of attention and then crashed and burned hard when it was overloaded. It’s technically still around, but between the poor early performance and security/privacy concerns the only time I hear anything about it is when Snyder posts something about his Justice League version.

I suspect the initial launch was more popular than the byte team was actually expecting. There are still a lot of features in the works, and I want them to focus on that over just getting more eyeballs.


Well. when your app is losing major traction after a big initial release you’re somewhat in a pickle of gambling on buying influencers campaigns. Which is why you do a very meticulously calculated campaign exactly to the demographic who would use the app. I’ve just never heard of launching something and not advertising when it had so many downloads in the beginning. And the retention rate has dropped so much. It feels as if it would be better to still call this beta or a soft launch branding/PR wise, so when marketing does launch it flows more smoothly and you take the time you need to iron things out and figure out your campaigns. And the low retention rate is kind of swept under the rug because this is still a testing phase.

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now i’m no expert here, but i am somewhat tempted to side with the person who raised an app to have 200 million active users. I think it’s possible, and even likely, that dom and the byte team know what they’re doing. going to close this as the original question was answered lol