Byte Marketing Campaign

Byte is currently facing competition not only from the dying giant that is TikTok, but also other popular apps which are exploiting the latter’s potential demise, such as Triller, Dubmash and Zynn. To counter that threat, we need to create an ambitious and imaginative marketing campaign which will show the mainstream world our community and how great we are. We should create ads for TV, Radio, and make billboards to be hung up by the roads, in order to promote our great community.

What do you guys think?


Marketing is definitely a huge part of success, but there’s little point in marketing an app that isn’t out of beta yet. The fact it has experimental features and is not as good an experience for hooking new users as it could be are red flags that show it isn’t meant for mainstream audiences at this time.

I know Dom and the team will advertise Byte to the ends of the world and back once they get it out of beta and feel that it is stable enough for the mainstream to use. But until then, we’re the guinea pigs who are willingly, happily giving our feedback and experiences on the app to get it to work better so it can get to that point.

That said, however, If there are billboards that are to come in the near future, @dom let a girl know if you need someone as a face for it. I’d gladly oblige!

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fyi, i don’t think byte is competing with TT nor with Zynn, Dub, and Triller. byte is under social networking which is a different market from the rest you’ve mentioned. i’d say the biggest threat is “facebook” why? copycat however, facebook is spending millions to get content creators to move to there service.

ads doesn’t work to get people on if retention is bad, organic growth does. therefore we need active users, downloads don’t mean anything.

hypothetically speaking, if byte decides to market without having enough to offer features/content… it’ll be wasteful spend. imo

there is byte ad floating around in the app store, i don’t if it’s still active. if you want this community to grow do your part and help spread the word :slightly_smiling_face:


saw this while browsing insta the other day :upside_down_face:

i love byte but this just seems kinda petty loool (but hey if it works, it works :man_shrugging:)