Byte loop tutorial (MOVED TO TOMORROW, Tuesday July 7th 8PM EST)

Hi all,

There was interest in how I loop my videos and so tonight I will hold a zoom call at 8PM EST to briefly go over my process. I have an iPhone and use the app Splice, and will be demonstrating through that if you would like to download that app before joining. I will post the link to the zoom call here later tonight.


My bad I asked this question on your other post!

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Thank you for this!!!

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No worries!!!

Of course!

Any chance of being able to see it if we aren’t on Zoom?

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Will most likely hold another call later this week, or try to record if I can but unsure on how to do that.

Not sure how to record on zoom but maybe screen record?

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Yeaaah not sure, will look into it or write up a tutorial for anyone who can’t make it.

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I download splice but I think it may just be for I phone,
Do you know, is there an alternative for Samsung?

I am not 100% sure on any alternatives for android, but what I will be showing you guys should most likely be able to work on other similar video editing apps @Pulcheronbyte

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@rommie @Pulcheronbyte @Kerbob97 @Maddy_lions @Beeshrine @Beegenics (please tag anyone else that you know was interested in this)

I am moving the call to tomorrow night instead, as something came up tonight. I hope to see all of you then!


Just checking in to find out if this is a thing still tonight ?

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Still a go tonight @Pulcheronbyte !! Will be posting the link here right around 8PM EST!

Password doesn’t work & seems far to long tbh

Re: Session Live

Hopefully this link works, let me know if it doesn’t!:

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@The_Ginger tysm for the tutorial this evening :slightly_smiling_face:
I can’t find the Test dummy page on byte do u have a link ?

Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge, good sir.

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