Byte loop count question

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I watch my own bytes, it counts my loops on the marker, but other times it doesn’t count my views as loops… which way is it supposed to be?


Bumping this thread. (Curious as well)


Maybe someone is watching it at the same time?


Your own loops only “count” up to a certain number. It used to be 25 but I think this has since been lowered; I havent tried it out recently


Think it’s 10 now - purely based on experience and not any facts.

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Good to know!

I thought we solved it but… my loops weren’t being counted earlier today after I had already looped my own video a couple of times but I just went back on to check and my loops on my own video are counting towards the total loops again.

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Lol, I wish I knew the answer to this question. But, I’m actually curious! :smirk: (bump again)


I checked mine and when I watched my most recent 2 bytes the loops wouldn’t increase, but then the ones before that it is. Maybe they have a limit on loops you watch for a certain time period after you post a byte and then you watching counts again? Huh

I watched an old byte of mine to test it out and it kept adding loops past 25. Weird.

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