Byte: laptop app/website

I edit my videos on my computer a lot and it’s a struggle to get them to and from my phone. Will byte have a website or an app you can use on your laptop (like instagram) so one can upload videos directly from a computer?


I’m sure there will be a desktop website like any company idk if it’ll be like Instagram site or like the Snapchat desktop site though. Also about transferring things from your laptop to phone, you can just AirDrop files if you have a Macbook & iPhone that is; hope I could help! (:


cant u use a USB? or just upload ur vids to wetransfer and download it through ur phone

or do what i do and use webwhatsapp make a seperate group just for urself and use it as a cloud drive of transferring files between yourself

Probably at some point it will, maybe not at first! Almost all mobile native social media launch this feature some time after the app. I think that before the upload feature, people should be able to watch the videos on computer, but to comment and like they need to download the app and of course sign up, I think it will be good to bring more people to the app!