Byte landing page

so i was just thinking… you know how tumblr (rip) has like that cool landing/sign-up -in page with a few gifs? will there be a similar thing on byte? will it include loops from byters? or will it just be gifs? and can there be like a cool song or something? (ahem look in my bio for music ideas)


i don’t think it’ll be a song (due to copyright) but having loops of other people’s videos would be cool!


They could probably do that if they had a website for the app. As for the app I don’t know if it’s the best idea.


It may be cool but in some devices this kind of things could generate lag, idk

Won’t be a song, having songs on landing pages is the worst thing to ever happen in web design


omg love that idea but I don’t think the song is nessecary :heart_eyes:

i kinda like Spotify’s Log in landing page, but instead of a gal dancing, prolly have a compilation of loops etc

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omg guys the song thing was just a suggestion stop attacking me you sentient fedoras

Didn’t think I’d ever agree with you in anything but… With you here.

Yo chill we aren’t attacking you, just putting our opinions. You asked so dont get mad at the answers.

maybe judge less my guy

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literally i was joking oof

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its ok we know xx

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K lol got me there :ok_hand:

I’d love this

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