It’s a prank, unless it breaks the rules (Which it probably doesn’t) then it’s allowed

what I mean by prank are the ones that go out of hand

Cough cough Sam Pepper.


I just hope to God that “insert group here_ be like: insert stereotype here” trend doesn’t come back to byte. I hated HATED that trend, and I have this nagging suspicion that the early days of byte will mimic Vine to a degree.

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duplicate topic. please search before creating a topic. beep boop i’m a bot.

these aren’t new topics, please search before creating a new thread

as for content, you can’t control originality of people’s posts, this isn’t a “byte issue”

on the topic of:

very good points and i agree with a few of them. Hopefully some of these don’t happen

I hope :crossed_fingers: the best for byte

First of all it’s already been said that this thread exists.

Do any of them bring this all together?

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Do you just make threads for the sake of making threads? Just wait till the beta comes out.

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exactly my thoughts.


you took “issues” that have already been discussed and briefly spoke about them.

how do you have “problems with byte when it releases”? which tense are you using? most of the “problems” you stated either have nothing to do with the release or are current issues that every app has to face.

I don’t see the need to create a topic that has less of a “bring this all together” impact than my first reply.

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we stan constructive criticism

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Look, you cant search for everything, every tag, its hard to not duplicate posts because some are the same but worded differently.

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i literally did “search for everything” that was said in the OP, and guess what?

if you don’t realize how this is a “topic for the sake of creating a topic” kind of topic, idk what to tell you


i cant even be bothered explaining whats wrong with what you’re saying, as per usual

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Calm down

so whats goin on over here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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