January is soon and I think its about time we list out the problems with byte when it releases, feel free to discuss solutions or suggest your own.

Creator: (Anything to do with content makers on the site)

  1. Unoriginal Content
    E.g. Repetitive vines, Reuploads, Old V*ne content
    The chances are you wont want to fall into this category, here are some tips to make sure you don’t:
  • Keep a joke short and sweet, don’t just redo the vine with a little bit different, expand on it or leave it;
  • Make original jokes, check this by checking some other bytes that come to your head when you look at your idea and make sure it is different;
  • Don’t use stuff from v*ne.
  1. Old v*ners coming back
    E.g. Paul brothers, Lele pons, KILLER KEEMSTARRRRRRR
    Sticking of the theme of old v*ne, the old may come back, here are some problems with this:
    Note: im talking about the bad ones
  • They could overshadow new and funnier creators (LOOKING AT YOU LELE);
  • They bring over toxic fanbases that could be harmfull to bytes community;
  • They might just use old v*ne content, leaving there not that more room for byte to grow.
  1. The type of content
    E.g. Offensive content, Publicity stunts / Pranks
    These types of content will trick people and manipulate the system to get views, while not being aloud to set an origjnal thumbnail will help, it won’t fully fix this problem

Media: (Anything outside of byte)

  1. Copies, replicas and fakes
    E.g. The fake v2 app, facebooks version of tiktok
    This happens with apps, we have seen it before…and experienced it. Sure when byte gets big nothing can stop it, but nothing will stop corporate entities from trying to take byte down.

  2. Bad media attention
    Big entities have to deal with this all the time, but they are big companies, not one guy. Dom could probably just ignore it…but youtubers can also send hate through videos…and that’s harder to deal with

Other: (Anything that isn’t all that)

  1. Dom selling the app
    Dom…just don’t

  2. Advertisement
    Just like youtube, byte will need some sort of revenue for its creators…also like youtube, it will get pressure from them…not sure how to fix this, just look forward to another ad-pocalypse.

Thank you for reading this, please leave some comments or likes…oh wait…

Finally: Sell outs
Im betting that people will be willing to clog people comment box for followers or something like that, possible solution would be making a 2 comment system, two comments per person (not including replies).

Ok…bye :slight_smile:


As much as we appreciate your input on this topic, there are many posts with similar admission. Please search before creating a topic, thanks :smile:

As for Dom selling byte, never gon’ happen bud.


heres my thoughts

There will literally always be unoriginal content, if not only because people will take inspiration and not know exactly where to draw the line.

as far as people taking viewers over to the app goes, as far as im concerned if people like or dont like content then it doesn’t really matter.

i dont know the limit to offensive content, but there’s definitely not a way to limit pranks being done on the app, think about how big smack cam etc were on vine

very clear from dom it wont be sold

it has to have ads, from what i’ve read it’ll be more like instagram ads?


i looked up other posts with the same title and similar but nothing was like this, im just broadening it out

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Just reply and add on to the discussion! You can bump a topic and get more people talking.

with all due respect…this isn’t like anything I can find, and im not going to spend an hour trying to find an old post vaguelly similar to this


Forum rules indicated that you MUST search before creating a topic. Just doing my job of spreading awareness.

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^ I did say that I did


We’ll see. We’ll see…

sam there’s a post from 3 years ago that talks about what byte is. thats similar, use that topic.

please forgive me daniel xD

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never, blocked and reported to the fbi

Pranks? There is nothing wrong with pranks idk bout you.

the ones that get out of hand

Speaking of ones that are out-of-hands, Riceman (a YouTuber that’s probably a discount Ricegum) does ‘pulling chairs pranks’ that involve him pulling chairs from the public just when they’re about to sit down. It’s not funny, just immature. I hope Dom is able to take action against these kind of pranks. It may seem harmless but the majority of the comment section on his videos agree that it’s really mean.

Although I have no issue against pranks, ones that are like this really do grind my gears.

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It’s a prank, unless it breaks the rules (Which it probably doesn’t) then it’s allowed

what I mean by prank are the ones that go out of hand

Cough cough Sam Pepper.


I just hope to God that “insert group here_ be like: insert stereotype here” trend doesn’t come back to byte. I hated HATED that trend, and I have this nagging suspicion that the early days of byte will mimic Vine to a degree.

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