Byte isn’t Vine, it’s Tik Tok!

Funny how the new posts suddenly just dropped off totally about 3 hours ago… everyone is here commiserating.

Everyone here owes a post on the app your discussing ad nausea. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


When vine was an app, no one had control on the type of content that you created (obviously it had to be legitimate and good for the general population to see) the only restriction was the 6.5s timeframe. I think the only things that the mods should be looking for on that channel are things that are offensive, harmful, etc. other than that I think it should be free game just like how Vine was.

I also agree with the point that you made about not everyone agreeing that content made of Vine was trash because I definitely don’t. I’m not saying that there weren’t popular viners that made me cringe, because that wouldn’t be true, but there was a lot of content on there that I actually enjoyed.

If you look on YouTube you’ll see a lot of vine compilations that ppl made and you can still see many Vines to this day circulating around somewhere on the internet. If ppl thought that the content was that bad this wouldn’t happen.


with that strategy, /vine would just be normal Byte content but shorter

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@Jeridiculous I understand what you’re saying, but some people actually enjoy the short time constraint. I’m personally a fan of longer content (not too long obviously lol), but I know that there are ppl on Byte that still miss the short, straight-to-the point videos. If I were to make a channel for those short videos that’s honestly what I would call it…That’s the closest channel to Vine that I think could ever exist. Just trying to make this app as welcoming to as many ppl as possible that’s all.


Who on Byte is verified that’s not a TT. :eyes::man_shrugging:t5:

Dear god, I leave for a few hours and come back to see this thread has over 300+ additional posts! Byte is like a big Italian family, very passionate and opinionated LOL!

I really hope Mooptopia wasn’t bullied off Byte, though, because if so, that just makes people on this app look like a bunch of Mean Girls. In this case, I hope it was a fake account, because the alternative is worse.


I really would like to think it was fake but the byte team isn’t dumb enough to not ask her for proof that she is mootopia. So I’m just gonna use my hope powers💀


Omfg… I made it to the end. :sob: :sob: :sob:

All of you are wild and I loved every second of this thread… every valid point being made from both sides, Ant’s memes, and The Hype for Señors response… This was a rollercoaster ride filled with pure emotions, heart, and concern. It brought nothing but joy and laughter (but also taking what was being said seriously) which is one of the many reasons why I love this damn community. There’s literally nothing like this place. Literally, everything that needed to be said has been said and I know I’m basically talking to myself at this point because ain’t nobody going to give a damn about what I gotta say after 400+ responses. :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Much love to everyone. Goodnight! See y’all in the morning. :skull:


Totally in support of @The_Ginger @TomWho …if anyone has been keeping an eye , you’d know I tried to point out the same thing but I was pushed away. I don’t wanna take any names , but yeah that happened. And yes the app is really turning into a TikTok clone. Wth is happening. The very first tweet I remember for byte was for a V2 LATER CHANGED TO BYTE, that said your favourite app is returning. …and now what?. …


And now it’s an app everyone can enjoy it’s not vine nor is it TikTok its just byte


No one knows me because I barely post. But I’ve kept byte since it’s launch and have checked in occasionally. I was a rapid Vine creator, and leaped at the chance Byte would be Vine2. And it was short videos looping, but the main reason I never got fully into byte was lack of editing in app. I didn’t want to have to spend an hour editing in a third party app just to make a byte. I wanted Byte to be its own self contained glorious app.

But I loved the fact it was creativity first centered. I’m all about creating, pure and simple. A few people have discussed business, follower counts, being paid. Maybe I’m naive or just don’t need those things, but for me Dom’s vision of being a creativity based app that isn’t focused on numbers I loved.

But I also have tik tok, and it’s a completely different experience for me. It seemed less about creativity and more about image and what’s trendy. And that’s fine for a certain portion of the audience. Can’t hate on that if it isn’t your thing. But back before Instagram was popular there was a very similar app called Histogram? Hipstogram? And they were very similar in scope. Hipstomatic? Anyways it died because it couldn’t find it’s own unique spirit. The market could only tolerate one.

My point is updates are great, more users are great, and many social media platforms can coexist with different users. However if Dom’s vision of creativity first isn’t the driving force, and all the updates become tik tok like, then byte will go the way of hipstomatic? Dammit I wish I could remember it.

also recently I have been thinking of creating again, but I still just need some basic editing tool. And negativity from new users has me hesitant. Jokes are fine but negatively telling people to leave an app makes people not want to be there. I’m guessing that’s also not part of Dom’s vision


P.S. ya’ll talking about Vine camera? C’mon now get the real sh*t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


how do you have that

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It’s never been updated since Vine died. It brought me out of depression and I made so many friends. Can’t ever delete that. :hugs:


I personally find byte just extremely unfunny while basically cloning TikTok, it feels the same as TikTok, just even less funny because the algorithm is very bad and people on there still think that earrape is funny and doing “:eye::lips::eye:” is hilarious, it just feels like 2 years behind every trend while also trying their best to act modern


That’s not my account, I renamed my account to it’s original name on the app but forgot to change it here on the forum, I personally am a fan of post ironic memes so that’s why I posted that on my account MK142

For the time being, the only middle ground I will provide is that I am thankful that Byte isn’t Clash.


Thanks for reminding me to change my display name on the forum tho

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You’re welcome.

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You mean you’re not dying to jump on the #wetwipechallenge on that app where they splash water on a bathroom mirror and wipe it off with their hand?