Byte isn’t Vine, it’s Tik Tok!

Dear Byte,

Thank you for making sure I never had to download TikTok to experience it! Saved me time downloading and creating an account, cus that’s always such a hassle! Also, thank you for adding a Mooptopia channel and verifying other Tik Tok Stars!! They deserve it!

Last but not least, thank you for continuing to add updates that do not include editing tools!!! Who needs those anyway?!? Obviously forcing people to use outside video editing apps is what differentiates Byte from other apps!!! Thank you for making it a %100 Tik Tok friendly place, and for giving the TT crowd everything and anything they ask for! I guess us Byte people were not famous enough to get the small updates we had wished for :pensive:. But that’s ok, because those numbers the TT crowd brings in is all that matters!!!


I’m honestly disappointed too with how things have been turning out and how the platform is being heavily catered towards tiktok.

It’s disheartening to see people who have been on since launch day (and earlier for some beta people), supporting the platform, and to just be ignored by a wave of people who proclaim that they’re “settling”.

I still love the platform, I’m just feeling left out by the team’s decisions.


Apparently that’s exactly how the team wants us to feel!!


People are being verified who actually deserve it. It is not exclusive to TikTok individuals only. The new influx of people added life to the app and it forced the team to work and add new features. Byte will NEVER BE VINE. VINE IS DEAD. The 6 second looping videos will not return as they have died with vine. The culture moved on from that. This is what the people want and the byte team HAS to either accept it and take it or not update the app and let it die. Simple as that


I honestly have been loving the changes lately because the app has to cater towards the majority or else it will become a dead app. I’ve been active since wave 2 of the beta and with my experience on the app, I’ve noticed that changes like these have only benefited the app and not hurt it. There’s been countless of times where I was skeptical of a feature or skeptical of what the byte team was doing, but I’m just happy that they’re super active right now and giving us so many updates. If we were to keep the app bare bones, nobody would use it. There NEEDS to be updates that caters towards creators other than the regular byte user or else this app will virtually go nowhere and I know you were a partner so I’m like 100% sure you don’t want that to happen with this app


Who are you lmao?


ayo chill he has a point


I’m not sure who you mean when you say “giving us” updates. Also, weren’t you MIA for a while? So do you like the updates or just the wave of people?


A person who has been in the beta since september 2019. I understand the fact that ur frustrated that Byte is not the same way it has been, but apps NEED to adapt to live. This is just how it is.


Well I said updates but I also like the wave of people too now that you mentioned it. I wasn’t “MIA”, I was still on the app, still liking people’s content, and still enjoying everything. I don’t understand where this hostility has come from but I guess people have different opinions on things :man_shrugging:


but the way they been acting recently has really alienated alot of byters so I would say they need to be better at communicating to fellow creators


I definitely agree. Change is always needed with social media (look at early youtubers who never adapted and how they died out, versus youtubers who did and are still big today). I just think that they’re leaning a bit too far into the culture of tiktok (with sounds, the possibility of longer videos, and for making a channel for a popular TT creator). Byte should be byte, and TT should be TT. Crossover is inevitable, but they shouldn’t aim to please a TT crowd.


It’s all market forces. I understand people are a little peeved but we all need to understand that this is all about taking the biggest “byte” out of the TikTok share of the market while they are at their most unstable. We may never get a chance like this again if the Microsoft deal goes through. Byte is playing it smart if you ask me. If TikTok folds, then Byte will have a lot more power over the relationship with big creators coming here. But at the moment, there are a lot of options and some of which could be really good competitors to byte. Let Moop have her channel. If it brings her followers over, then they will look for other creators here to follow, AKA us. And if she is able to establish a good following here, that may make her want to stay.

This helps all of us out in the long run, even if she gets a bit of extra attention. At least that is my view. The team has to juggle around a lot, and make the most of this window with the problems at TT.


Let the shit show begin!


Me too


It’s good strategy. Incorporate a flood of TT-like changes to help the TT refugees accommodate (to prevent them from giving up and leaving), then build up the Byte-specific features after we have retained as many refugees as possible

It’s important to grow the userbase and this is the fastest way to do it


I mean, I’m sure none of us can blame the team for rolling with all this but it is a big ol slap in the face. I got a spotlight today and felt pumped, then seeing this mooptopia thing and her pretty lame content on their it kinda feels… meaningless?


I could be wrong but it seems like the Mods are assuming his point is that the app shouldn’t update and grow but really it’s just the fact that people have been begging for basic updates with very little response and now all of a sudden it’s become a “copy and paste TikTok features” game


Thank you for seeing the point and not sucking up to Byte’s ass by “protecting” them against the mean Ginger, like some others in here…

I know I can always count on ya Mark :heart:


I’ll get ignored, but that’s fine.

I understand both sides. These are strategies to get an ever bigger user audience. We wanted people to come in droves. It’s happening. That part is awesome and I’m so happy to see Byte grow.

However, I also understand the anger and frustration. The partner program fizzled out. We were never publicly acknowledged even though the partner program was initially one of the selling points to Byte. There were features that we had been suggesting and begging for for months. There was no movement whatsoever. TikTokkers get here and the message is “oh we hear you! You want these features? Here you go!” Then the Partner Program is no more. Ok, whatever. It was a fun, short ride. Then a very big TikTokker gets her own channel.
I know all of that has been explained dozens of times. And I totally get where the company is coming from.
But don’t act surprised that it still seems and feels like a crappy situation.
We KNOW Vine is dead how many times are y’all going to trumpet that around? I’ve done that myself. We get it. We know. Byte is different. It’s supposed to be different. I joined the app because it made me feel like I had a voice. And I’m going to keep using it. Just sucks to feel like it’s getting drowned out.