Byte is unusable

Hi everyone. I have made a topic on this before but I feel I need to bring it back. My Byte is absolutely broken and is unusable.

I had it working on my iPad but I made the bad decision to log out and now its broken ON MY IPAD AS WELL. I am unable to use the app and I dont want to lose it.
iPad OS 13.5.1
iOS 14 public beta.
I have a iPad 5th gen
i Also have a iPhone xr
I have made like alternate accounts using my other emails and its fine but using my main email linked to my main account its not working.

can you try fully deleting and reinstalling the app?

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I have. Ive deleted it many times and anything you can think of.
I found what the problem is though. I cant login to my account and thats what pops up when it happens.
I was randomly scrolling and the app crashed and signed me out.
Any help is appreciated much love Byte community.

Any help is appreciated I cant login anymore :confused:

I can’t use byte anymore even though it was very successful and I reached in Spotlight

Well my byte is working now I just hit 111 subscribers

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how did it work

now I’m having the same problem again my byte user is Rafael.12356 when I certainly going to go away and I was locked out of my account I’m trying to sign in and it keeps saying that I’m not register it can you fix this problem for me my account is still up

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