Byte is turning 1 next month 😳

What are the best experiences you’ve had with the service so far?

Did that app meet your expectations?

What are you looking forward to next year?


It’s a great app and it’s amazing to create content on Byte, as also grow an audience on here. I really like it.
To say the truth I expected this app to be actually "Vine 2” and well it was at the beginning, but then it changed. I also expected to see all the Ex vine creators and I expected the Vine format. The good thing that Byte has as I like it a lot, it’s that you can find the content that you like, and also create content and have people that likes it.
One thing that I don’t like from Byte, is that there are a lot of Spamming creators out there, that post like 10 videos on one day and they post anything without making sense and it’s annoying, because you see that content that you don’t like on "yourmixpage” and the bad thing is that the Report button that is supposed to report that content, does not work at all. And the other bad thing is that Byte promotes that type of content and it’s ok for the people
Who likes it, but it’s annoying when you don’t like it. I would say that there should be a day limit for posting videos as Byte has that Spamming content Report button.

one other thing as it also is related to that, it’s that as I talked about "your mix page” I alweys watch content from channels that I don’t follow, and it’s the content That I don’t like to see, so I would recommend Byte to actually put the content that each user likes as TikTok does that with the "for you” page.

Other than that I expect more from Byte, and I know that in a near future Byte it’s going to be what all people Expect it to be.


so i had byte before tiktok and ive always preferred byte lol. it has change alot since like started using the app and i like most of the changes. like sometimes i jsut have fun and post 10 times an hour because imo bytes camera is nice even though its more limited than tiktoks, i like the UI of it too


• linking back up with my Vine fam (as I don’t use
any other sm platforms)
• tbh I had no expectations as such
• looking forward to tools


-making so many amazing friends and having an outlet where I can be freely creative with complete enjoyment and comfort

-considering it’s been my first commitment to creating vids, it exceeded all my expectations:)

-(hopefully) some exciting updates