Byte is TT 2.0?

Well the post was closed without me being able to get my final point out, so here’s another! I don’t understand the point of discussion if it’s just going to be closed down. Not everyone has to agree on everything:

If anyone wants to be mad at anyone just direct it towards me because of my not so well thought out post. But, just because it was a post made out of emotion, it does not mean it is not valid. The fact is, although the community has been talking to the team, the team hasn’t talked back. Another fact, is that the app only got updates once waves of new people started joining, even though there were existing users trying their hardest to keep the app alive. Communication stopped once Byte went “dead” for a month or two, and now the only people seeming to get any kind of feedback from the team are newbies. I want everyone and anyone to be able to come here. I was upset when the furry channel got deleted, as “interesting” as those people can be, because I was so excited to see an app take a stand and really show they accepted anyone and everyone. I am not trying to say all of these updates should not have been made, it just sucks when you put in effort into something and ultimately see nothing you have been asking for come to fruition. And yes my comments about people leaving the app and coming back may have been harsh, but again it comes from the same place of seeing people take their toys and go home when they didn’t get PP, numbers took a dip, or we didn’t get updates and then coming back only when numbers are up and updates are happening EVEN THOUGH there was a community here doing everything they could to keep Byte afloat. That community doesn’t get enough credit, or features. Instead that community got bombarded by the alt Tik Tok, which yes I know it is old new now, but some of those comments were not a “specific humor,” they were just downright rude or offensive. But what did the team do then? They just gave into those people’s wishes. Existing big names on the app didn’t get verified until more “famous” TT people came over. Why didn’t Sunny Marbery have a verified badge from the get go??? Why didn’t people have their own featured channels OR requested channels? The bigger continuing issue within this is having mods and others come in and belittle what I and others have said. I mean, it’s ok to have an issue with something. I’m not saying I hate Byte, it’s the only other place besides Vine that I felt I could post my stuff and have people understand or appreciate it & me.


discussions are great and can be extremely productive, but some people decided to target specific people by name which goes against the forum rules thus the post getting closed.


Waiting for the community to flag my post right now as “inappropriate”.
Like they love to silence opinions.



A little spice never hurt no one. These are just pent up frustrations finally being released. I agree it got off focus there and was no longer questioning the opinion and idea but was getting personal.


I’m just here for the comments :woman_shrugging:t5: Lol


discussion is very different from screeching at each other


There wasn’t any all caps responses, so I think it was just aggressive muttering at one another if anything. But I agree. @cark

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just lock it again

I think the reply I left on your other now-closed thread is basically the same reply I’d leave on this one.

About the verified accounts, it would be great if Byte could one day be he place were creators gain their first verification. A lot of the people who are now getting verified on Byte were first verified on Vine. I’m not sure what that will take, probably Byte getting a lot bigger and creating it’s first batch of “Byte-famous” creators.


I’m a pterodactyl. Screeching IS how I communicate, Cark.


I’m just here to remind everyone to stream folklore by Taylor Swift~

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The thread was closed before we got to hear Dom’s response on Moopgate. :confused:


AKA the moopgate continues @horndizz

Byte isn’t Tiktok 2.0 tho.

Byte is its own thing, TikTok is its own entity, that brainwashed Gen Z into thinking that dancing videos and such are considered to be original content rather than making a creative content.


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refer to the original topic:

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