Byte is NOT dead, CUT IT OUT. What can YOU and I do for Byte?

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and keeping themselves healthy from this crazy virus and doing everything they can to stay safe.

Now, for some reason, I dragged my feet on whether or not to post this rant, but then I realized something… If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

So, here I go.

As some of you know, I’ve been inactive on Byte as of late. More inactive than I’d like to admit. I’ve been dealing with a plethora of personal problems, along with working my day job nonstop (I work at a hospital… NOT an ideal job during this crazy time), and also dealing with a massive financial loss due to my pro wrestling bookings being put to a halt because of the various travel bans and “social distancing” (gosh, am I tired of hearing that freakin’ term).

Anyway, I found myself back on Byte a couple days ago in order to seek creative motivation and keep the entertainment rolling in during this difficult time. So, as I’m catching up with everyone’s content, I hit the “Latest” tab. Unfortunately, I was bombarded with a ton of “BYTE IS DEAD. OMFG, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH BYTE, I DON’T UNDERSTAND???” posts. I kid you not, I counted 11 posts straight where I saw this kind of content, and it was a total shock to me. Needless to say, I was annoyed. I was hurt. I was no longer motivated. And, quite honestly, that absolutely sucks.

Especially during this timeline, where people are under self-quarantine, not able to work, etc., people need Byte more than ever, to simply forget the misfortunes of life. But with this “BYTE IS DEAD” talk, what are we gaining?

It shouldn’t be this way.

So, there I am, sitting and trying to figure out what is all going wrong? Why are people claiming this awesome app as “dead”? I sit there, trying to analyzing the situation.

I realize that the Byte team (big shoutout to you guys, man) are working around the clock to bring us new features, fixes, meeting people’s demands, etc., all in a timely manner. Hell, they even got Nike on board in less than a month of the app’s release! If you don’t think that’s huge, really think about it.

I realize that the everyday familiar faces, such as @senorpequenos, @yamum, @AntinnyWorld, @TomWho, @nina, etc., are all out there STILL trying to entertain the masses, STILL pumping out content daily, and keep this fire burnin’.

Then, it dawned on me… The problem is us.

When was the last time some of us actually went out there and talked about Byte with family and friends to make it the new “talk of the town” or the new trending topic? When was the last time some of us went out of our way to share our Bytes with other social media sites via the link feature in order to entice people in more content? Why is there harassment being normalized, whether it’s sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. in a place where there’s no perfect fit for such activity, and has NEVER had this problem before until the problem was created by a few? Furthermore, why did some of us (NOT all of us) lose sight on the fun to be had and the memories to be made on this app, rather than “fame and fortune”, the “likes and rebytes”, or the “follow for follow”, only to scare away others joining the app, just simply looking for a new place to hang out, only to be bombarded with high school level drama?

This is NOT okay.

Some of us (again, NOT all of us) are solely relying on the Byte team to make the app “blow up”. Why? THEY’RE the ones who gave us this amazing platform in the first place. They didn’t have to, but they did. Because they, along with some of us BELIEVE in Byte.

WE need to make Byte the talk of the town.

For example, (and this is not to brag what so ever), I personally recruited almost my entire family on Byte. I bought Byte stickers from @bails to stick on my car, so people can ask questions about it. Hell, I even bought a custom Byte bandanna, so people can ask me questions about it. I wanted to do my part, and I love doing my part. Why? I believe in Byte that much, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

The point is, we as a whole need to get out there and do our part. We need to do our share as a community. The Byte team already has a lot on their hands. There’s only so much they can handle. Without us, there is no new people joining. Without us, there is no app to “blow up”. Without us, simply put, there is no Byte.

I love this community. This is a community that I fell in love with and met new, awesome friends. This is a place where I found some of the most talented people out there that have gathered and made this something special. There are so many more memories to be made and there are so many people yet to be discovered. If we give up now, what was all this for? What difference did we make? Seeing people claim this app as “dead”, is, quite honestly, not gonna fly.

TL,DR? Let us all as a community get this ball rollin’ and do our part, even if it’s a simple link share. Byte has NO place for any negativity. Trust me, this post is not for clout, likes, or anything like that. This is a simple call to the community for help. This app is only what we make it out to be, and right now, it’s not looking good. WE have the power to change that. Let’s share with the world what Byte is all about. This is OUR time to shine more than ever.

Byte is NOT dead. This is only the beginning.

I love you all. Stay safe. Keep the creativity flowing.

  • Big Kahuna Khan

well said. i suggested to my friends that they start posting stuff to twitter, facebook, instagram, and snapchat as well because it generates traffic. And potentially entices people to stay around for more. Or even become content creators themselves.


Lecturing coconut heads once again, I wrote my piece about byte being potential and success in the future multiple times. “Byte is DEAD” is becoming too repetitive!

Anyways, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to craft this lovely essay. I won’t say much but waiting so see how the community will respond.

I still don’t understand why we have to remind impatient folks about this. :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually haven’t seen a single post about “Byte is dead”… maybe 'cause it doesn’t make it out of latest. Guess the system is working.

But ye, it’s not dead. I’m a Professor in Bytology, and based on my expert experience and analysis, Byte is growing. It’s not @Stonks level booming, but it is growing.


Statistics show that byte is actually booming, I can confirm.




Also, to add, if anyone has made a similar post like this, I apologize. I was not aware. Goes to show how inactive I’ve been, unfortunately.

I just needed to get this off my chest.


I’m not gonna lie man with me working like you I’ve lost a lot of motivation to pump out vids daily but byte is far from dead and I too have had my fill with swing that junk, does no one realize the success and fail of anything relies on the user themselves? That’s the problem that majority doesn’t understand, and everyone should make good use of being questioned for those who are.


New challenge find 3 friends (minimum) show them the app and recommend them 3 (minimum) creators that they would personally like that is NOT including yourself and then eventually challenge them to do the same


The thing is, I think people literally need to stop getting caught up with whether Byte is dead or not, and put that time and energy into making good content. That’s it.


I’ve only had Byte for just over a week and I haven’t seen much on this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to everyone and getting to know them. Since I just heard about Byte the Saturday before last, and I am constantly on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, I’m not worried at all about what Byte can become. If I’m just now hearing about it, there are lots of others who haven’t as well. I agree with you- it’s up to us to spread the word. I’ll be sure to do my part!


preach it boi!!
this has given me motivation tbh


well said king



“Ask not what byte app can do for you – ask what you can do for your byte app"


I agree all the way with you @BigKahunaKhan thanks for spreading awareness on this! No need for negativity just support for the team and their hard work with everything. I even bought my own Byte T-shirt to film with to help the best I can spread more awareness haha but Yes the community is awesome and I definitely look forward to the long run progress with @Byte


Yes yes yes my dude!! Thank you for taking the time to write this, agreed on all fronts. And @Lacieyl, agreed. Creators are going to be what make this app. Folks need to put that energy into CONTENT. That’s what’s going to bring more people and creators in.


I think asking friends that have giant followings to come in will help too. Kevin, you make some of the best content on Byte because you are clearly naturally gifted to be funny. What I find great about your content is that you personally remind me of a couple of Ivy League friends of mine. What happens when someone with a really big following and really deep pockets comes onto Byte and drags in 2 million of their followers in a single day? People that make these types of comments are typically people that do not have any influence or any following. Part of me wants for Byte to keep plodding along slowly so I get to see who I want to connect with and who I do not want to connect with longer term.


PREACH! Anytime I get a chance to talk to ppl, I tell them they should get the app. I don’t post often on Twitter but I posted my byte on there and will post more about it on different platforms soon. Also, Byte officially released like three months ago and imo it’s going good. I’m excited for the app and the whole community. The only reason I post every week or so is because I like to gather my ideas haha but this definitely motivated me to post way more often! :heart:


Can I toss in my two cents? Byte isn’t twitter, instagram, Facebook, or tik tok…At least for now. It’s called growing pains. Right now we need to post outside of byte. Consistently.

I think Byte will be enjoyed differently than typical social media. Tik tok is it’s own world. Facebook is it’s own world. Goal seems to integrate byte WITH other platforms.

But idk you do you


Byte is going to do fine once they start advertising. Just keep making videos and enjoy the ride. Dom knows what he’s doing :slight_smile:


Beautifully said. In the meantime, we should start sharing our byte vids on other platforms so it draws the app for attention. Every little bit counts :muscle:t4:

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