Byte is missing out on #Featured Pages (LGBTQ, BLM, and other more)

Good morning @dom and @cami_p

We have not seen #Featured pages in a while, and I understand that we don’t want people to abuse the #featured pages, so it should be run under moderation. However, it does not mean we should not run #featured pages at all!

Every social media app has featured important events that are happening around the world, such as #racialjustice #blacklivesmatter #LGBTQ #Covid19 and more upcoming, and contents should be of course moderated, but Byte has not run anything at all, I don’t understand, unless I missed out? I am on Beta, and I have not seen any major updates in like 3 months, and this #featuredpage should be ongoing to reflect on current events.

We should run this #featured page with caution and under moderation, but we have to run it, Byte is completely missing out on this.

In addition, we all know that the activity on the app and the forum has gone extremely slow, and the updates as well (I believe the last major one we had was in April?), and I am assuming, just assuming, that it’s because of Covid-19? or

  • The Byte Team is planning on bringing something really BIG (Complete Remodeling of the app) which will drop later this year
  • The Byte Team is handling other business, which hinders them from updating the app consistently and communicating with the community

I am just assuming because we are now, not hearing from the Byte Team frequently, and it seems like the communication bridge between the Byte Team and creators is broken (it was well built and utilized pre-launch). Just me, I don’t expect to hear from Dom or Cami on update every single week, it’s impossible to update the app every week, but just to hear from them would be sufficient, it doesn’t have to be about the update, but where Byte is going.