Byte is looking SEXY!

I just saw Dom’s update on the app, and I must say it’s looking super SEXY, TERRIFIC, and GORGEOUS!

I think the app is shaping up to be amazingly Marketable (for those of you who are wondering why the team is not concentrating on marketing the app, this is the keyword to remember in the business world), and as soon as the layouts and features are settled, we can focus on marketing the app.

So Stoked!


I really like that he mentioned they tried out twenty different layouts. Putting in the work!

The only part that I don’t like is all the empty space at the bottom of the byte


Where’d you see the update?

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that’s fiyah

Android is getting an update faster than iOS for once :relieved:


Also, I don’t see how the new layout takes up less important space. It seems to take up more space

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Not actually, It’s at the side so it’s out of the way, I think it actually looks nicer and now I don’t have to pull up an extra menu to share, plus the video is fullscreen now so it’s more real estate.


And also the description and username seem to be in a smaller font size making it way smaller. Overall it looks very nice😌

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Room for text! It reminds me of zenmode (which I turned on for the first time a week ago and LOVE)

old layout has an extra row of information and has smaller buttons. new layout combines some of that information into a single row and has larger buttons that are easier to read. actual area used pixel-for-pixel is probably slightly higher in new design but usage in the “important” area (stuff near the horizontal center working upwards) is less. you’ll see if you get in the test. it just feels a bit cleaner and the areas where you’re looking the most have less stuff in the way

but that’s mostly subjective, it’ll be what we see in the test that’s the deciding factor


I can’t wait to get this update

Will Submit a channel and latest feature return?

from what I remember, he said that they will return with the rest of the design updates

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