Byte info boxes

Here’s an idea that I thought of a few days ago. Basically, when you post a byte, there could be a little “i” at the top of the post. If you click on it, a translucent screen would slide over the post, and it could serve as a sort of description box. On it, there could be a max character count of maybe 100 that you could write a small description of the byte, insert a poll, or add links/tags to.
This could serve as a sort of posting feature Incase someone wants to ask their audience what they should do for something, provide links to other social media, or just provide some more insight on the byte. Just an idea though.


Will this be visible when uploading the post or when the post is visible to the public?

When uploading you can write whatever you want in it and it would be visible to anyone who sees your byte if they click the “i” icon.

Cool idea


Interesting… But if the description is not visible, won’t people be discouraged to read it? I read the description subconsciously, and there’s no doubt other people do the same.

I like where your mind’s at though. This would mean there’s more screen time for the byte.


There’s already the function of captioning your bytes (just as in v*ne i guess) but i don’t know I like your creativity, it’s amazing that you come up with these ideas.


Pretty sure there will be some sort of description box.