Byte 'Incognito'

So I was exploring around the old byte social media accounts and I found the medium blog that was used. There’s a pretty in depth post about profiles, where this is mentioned.

“In Byte 2.0, when you’re ready to post a Byte, you’ll have the choice to attach it to your profile or post it under Incognito. Incognito is for those times when you have a great idea that might not quite fit with your main profile. You can use it to build entirely separate identities, art, and web-like experiences”

tldr you could effectively build different profiles within your own profile…
Sounds confusing but I love the idea, really interested to see if something similar could be implemented, I think a lot of people at first for sure don’t know exactly what they want to make in terms of content, and really sometimes people just have more than one type that they actually want to make, looking at how many youtubers have a second channel for posting a different type of content, having this type of feature would be really cool in that people wouldn’t have to do that!


That would be a really good feature, def make the app stand out a lot. Being able to have different pages, like a website. And customizing them so you could name them “Cooking”, “My cat”, “Comedy”, “Misc” etc etc. I’m here for that!


Sort of reviving this, because I just realised that browsing byte .co means blocking effectively does nothing at all, since you can literally just look up someones name and watch in browser… honestly private accounts can’t come fast enough


This would be such a cool feature! Dom where u at


This sounds like a cool idea! Would still need a way to track down exactly who posted it on the dev side in case someone tries to upload isis beheadings or bad things etc but that could be worked out. But I like an idea like this!





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imagine opening this thread and seeing moderators doing this

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