Byte in the application list

I hope it doesn’t fall to the 100th place…

Same but without some major update or another tiktok scare it’s going to happen


I hope their strategy is to hold off updating so they can launch a massive update shortly before the tiktok stuff happens.

They really need to pull all of their effort together to get any turn in numbers, mainly a better camera, search by sounds, and other necessary features tested and made public.


That would actually be a really good strategy. Hope they’re thinking about that. TT will probably get banned now, China’s not going to allow the sale of it


it’ll drop but it’ll be back up :stuck_out_tongue: byte never dies…


Doing just slightly worse than Wink video chat. Whatever that is. :man_shrugging:t4:

I would think a lot of big things are coming soon if t t doesn’t go through with a deal which is very likely.

Hopefully one day is on the top 10 list