Byte in india, what should we do! NOW ! 😧

Being the first one here from India (since 2018 the beginning ) and the first indian in the beta (since beta phase 1)
I wanna help out byte in my own way to grow in India, the thing is as you all know TikTok just got banned here , and trust me when I say this PEOPLE ARE DESPERATE HERE WHY?.
Becuz TikTok used to keep people busy in this lockdown (that is somewhat still going on here covid )
So trust me when I say people are desperate for a good app, in all the apps I have seen no app comes even close to byte’s potential here , so here’s my advice
Advertise the app here , I swear we can get the no. 1 spot on the app chart.
Being an Indian myself I understand the ways here , and when I say that people are looking for a platform , I know it that they will LOVE BYTE.
my suggestion is simple advertise it a little, becuz alternates of tiktok are advertising themselves and they don’t even have their apps completed yet, but still they are getting millions of downloads…
Hope dom reads this.
Am gonna grow the byte base here. I’ll be the Indian byter. :innocent::smiley:
I’ll represent byte here.


Well if you have a following, then the best thing to do is to get the word out to your followers and that should create a chain reaction.
I’m sure the byte team is working on something to get the word out as well. Perhaps the media might produce some articles about this.


I’ll do my best mate ! I request every indian on this forum to do so as well! :smiley: