Byte improvement suggestions

comment the features you wish byte had!
Mine is :

A like comment feature- I don’t want to see the most recent comments.

Follower lists


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also I think these have already been suggested.
Follower list should be coming sometime, but I’m not sure when.
A like comment feature would be awesome. let’s see if the team implements that feature.


I definitely think there need to be a visible, editable follower list. I always follow back, because I’m not a jerk, and have already had a handful of people follow, just to get a follow back, then immediately unfollow. That was my biggest annoyance with vine. I follow creators whose content I like, and as a courtesy to those who follow me. Truth be told, I loved the set up of vine, with the exception of certain cretins who ruined the app buy purchasing interactions and followers…

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Yea please bring back the search option. Vine had it. Instagram,Tumblr, tic tic, and others have it. I dont know why they didn’t incorporate it with byte. This is a bit feature that is lacking. Maybe it’s coming in an update idk. If Byte wants to be competitive they will add it

The like comment feature has already been suggested here, aswell as the Follower lists suggestion here! :slight_smile:

It definitely would be a cool feature, however, we need to keep in mind that we’re just done with the first week of the app being released so it’s going to take some time to settle down. I also believe byte wants to stand out from the other social media’s, so I don’t think they want to be competitive.

In a new update pushed out today, Follower/Following lists have been added to profiles! After you update the app, access them by clicking the “…” on your profile.

I wish you could see who rebyte you

You can already go on someone’s profile and click the 3 dots then boom

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