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Ok, so I think Byte should have a tab for new bytes, rising bytes, and popular bytes. And as for creators, we should have a tab for new creators, trending or rising creators, and top creators. I mainly got this idea from Wattpad because they do this with their stories.

Anyways let me know what you think about the idea or if you had something different in mind, I’d like to hear it.


Check out these threads to see what people think about a trending/rising creators page


:thinking: I’m thinking bout some

Make a more specific title, apart from that thanks for posting a good thread

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Hey guys,
This idea has been swimming in my mind for some time now. Would love to hear your thoughts and the pros/cons you can generate.

No Follower/Following Count displayed

No ‘followers’ or ‘following’ would be displayed publicly, it would be in the backend of the account hidden from the public. I think that this could be really interesting, I’m not saying not to incorporate any metric whatsoever of popularity, I think that is very important. However, what if we measured success based on the level of engagement with the merit of each individual post, as opposed to a single account becoming ‘successful’ simply because it has a large follower count which automatically makes people more likely to follow. A popular posts page would have utility in ensuring users are given exposure for popular posts.
Individual posts could still have a like/dislike bar demonstrating how popular they are. Additionally, the choice to display ‘similar creators’ or ‘popular creators’ like youtube could be an alternative to individuals having a list of people they exclusively follow (enabling the ability for collaboration/cross-promotion between creators). Inevitably certain users will always become the most followed or most popular, however do we need a quantitative measure displayed to the public for the user to be considered ‘successful’ ?


  • Eliminates single accounts becoming automatically popular based on the number of followers displayed
  • Promotes the need for users to focus on engagement rather than follower metrics
  • Allows users to focus on content rather than ‘status’ of their account, promoting quality content
  • Prosocial in nature and promotes a positive community
  • If someone chooses to subscribe/follow it is a decision made based upon whether you truly like the user’s content (engagement)
  • Eliminates ease for bots/fake followers to follow users who have recently followed a popular account


  • Completely different/novel to most successful social media platforms (risk)
  • Need some other metric of popularity/engagement to indicate account is successful
  • May not be as appealing for companies/social media marketing
  • Is the point of social media to see who other people are following? (not sure)

Would love to know your thoughts!

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I really like this idea. It could make Byte stand out from the rest of the crowd, and encourage creators to focus on what they make rather than how much of it they put out.

It could also semi alleviate the issue of people who focus solely on follower count by forcing people to watch the content first to decide if they like the person rather than going off how many followers that person has.

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@BDP very interesting take. perhaps make your own thread so people can comment on what they think instead of replying to your comment on a duplicate thread :slight_smile:


Good idea, I have started a new thread. Thanks for your input!

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What if we use the song watch me whip in a byte. THAT WOULD BE SO GENIUS…

Nice idea!