Byte ideas? 200 about my prior 200? 400 on my prior 200?

Have you ever seen someone do a “Byte test/review” to see if people have watched their other prior Bytes?

I have thought about doing 200 Bytes about my prior 200 Bytes. Have you ever seen anything done like that on Tik Tok? 200 Tik toks about my prior 200 Tik Toks? I really want to strive to honor the idea of “Creativity first” and not “copy what other people have done first”.

I have thought about doing 2 sets of 200: 200 with the context and another 200 with the backstory and another 200 with the reasoning but that would be 400 Bytes on the first 200. Have you ever seen something similar to this done before using short-form video?

That’s a grind right there. Lets go.

I mean me personally I would only do that for certain milestones. For example my first, 25th, 50th and 100th byte

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