Byte idea and feature requests by the community

I’ve asked the entire byte community what other ideas or feature requests they want, here are the following things they have asked:

  • Hashtags
  • Receive notifications when we are receiving rebytes
  • A DM system and/or a club system (where we can claim a username for that Club) add whoever we want to chat with and plan collaborations and other things
  • Likes on comments/ability to like comments
  • Adding a place to save our drafts
  • An award system where, when byters earn certain amounts of stars, they’ll receive awards like access to exclusive camera features, profile customisation and achievements/ranking
  • Add a song selection integration (similar to tiktok)
  • The possibility of being able to scroll on the feed segments per finger swipes like on instagram instead of swiping down post to post like on tiktok (of course you would be able to choose in the settings your preference)
  • Ability to earn exclusive account verification through special events or through byte ranking

Hey there! Many of these ideas already have MANY other threads open about them, and some of the ideas are already planned. Just trying to keep things organized.

Hashtags are being worked on: We need hashtags

Rebyte notifications are in their plans Rebyte notifications

DM system is in the works as well, but the team is making sure everyone can be safe when those are added (Screenshot from the discord)

Liking comments is also in the works: A few things we're thinking about

A beta update just went out to save videos to camera roll before uploading. Dom mentioned that they are working on drafts: Draft Feature

Dom mentioned that stars will probably be used to unlocked features (id assume mostly visuals): Tweet about stars

There is an already option to change your scrolling behaviour on the app. Go to profile > settings (3 dots) > scrolling behaviour


All of them except for songs, awards and that form of verification are already in the works.

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