Byte "Hidden features"

Hey! So, in this forum thread I’ll give a quick rundown on “secret features” that hides within the Byte app.

First hidden feature - Change your app icon
So, did you know that you can change how the Byte app looks on your phone? It’s super simple too!

  1. Find the 3 dots next to “Edit Profile” on your profile, and click it.
  2. A pop-up should now appear. Find “App Settings” and click on “Change app icon”. This will give you the ability to turn the app icon into pretty much any colour that you’d like!

Second hidden feature - Customize your profile colours
Yeah, you probably knew how to change your profile colours, but did you know you can take the customization of the colours to another level?!

  1. Go to the profile page and click “Edit Profile”.

  2. Now you have the ability to click on any of the colours to change how your public profile look.

  3. To take the customization to the next level, try to hold in on any of the colours and you’ll see that you can invert the colours! I asked my friend Einstein for some help with the maths, but this gives you the ability to get a whole 34 different colour combinations. That’s a lot more than the 17 standard combinations!

Third hidden feature - App settings
App settings is a category where you can turn the Byte app into your own, and I’m sure we can expect to see new features being added to the category as the app grows. Here’s a quick rundown of what everything does.

  1. App Settings can be found by clicking on the 3 dots next to “Edit Profile” on your profile page.

  2. “Change scrolling behaviour”, “Change camera mode” and “Change app icon” are the 3 features in App Setting as of 2020-01-25T23:00:00Z.

  3. “Change scrolling behaviour” gives you the ability to toggle scrolling assistance on and off. Toggling this setting on automatically center the current playing Byte after you stop dragging. Toggling the setting off let you scroll freely and in your own pace.

  4. “Change camera mode” is a feature that let you switch between circular button or touching anywhere to record. The two settings are called Byte and Classic. Please note that if putting the setting on Classic, some features may be difficult to access.

I try my very best to keep this thread updated to always include all secret features. There might be a few I don’t know about, so please let me know in dms and I’ll be sure to add them :slight_smile:



I don’t see app settings, but overall, very cool!:open_mouth:

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dont see these on android beside the profile color one. what version are you? mine is 0.3.54 on LG stylo 4

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they’re not really hidden features tho

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Android might not have it

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The colour one definitely is!

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That might be why