Byte Has Been Hacked / Jailbroken

The rules in place aren’t to ban tweaks / jailbreaks just users with these types of [unwanted] automated behaviors.

Don’t be a bot (or act like one).

Don’t engage in repeated, unwanted, or unsolicited interactions that negatively impact the members of this community, whether automated or manual. No spammy links or dubious offers, either.

Don’t exploit the community or the app.

Let’s be fair to everyone out here doing their thing. Don’t trade rebytes or mentions for money. Don’t artificially manipulate or inflate popularity or encourage others to do so. Cliquey, system-gamey behavior for personal or financial gain will not be tolerated. Don’t abuse app functionality, post malicious content, or interfere with the normal use of byte.


Hey, my dude - I’m not saying it’s not facilitating spam. If that what it does, yeah that’s problematic. I shifted to speaking about tweaks in general, rather than a specific one - apologies if that wasn’t clear enough.

Never said it wasn’t. “As long as the tweak isn’t facilitating spam or other harmful things…” the conditional for my following statement. If this tweak is facilitating spam, then obviously it doesn’t apply.

I’m speaking on future legislation. Sure rules aren’t in place now, but things like this often lead to blanket legislation, which is a dumb thing to do

Every app has or will be “hacked”. You don’t even have to have a jailbreak to likebot. There’s a reason major companies don’t care about tweaks, it’s because it doesn’t directly alter the app in a harmful way nor does it affect the community very much. The app is open source as well so attackers could easily use this to their benefit

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Welcome to the commnunity Guns


Thanks cowboy, had byte since the launch just never used it very much

I don’t really see why people use these tweaks in the first place as their inherently useless. The only “useful” thing would be for downloading memes


I don’t think the core idea of tweaked apps is bad, but this isn’t benefital for the users appart from creating a like/follow farm, I like that he spend time and think byte should support the modding community and custom apps more directly but with rules in place to prevent stuff like this from happening