Byte Growth?

I feel the forums are such a big part of the connectivity we all feel! It’s just sad that some creators are toxic and take away from the experience as a whole!

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Exactly! It’s early but its healthy to speculate the success this app has the potential to generate! Happy to hear your input on this topic! :slight_smile:

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I’ll settle for people tolerating mine :joy:


I think so.

At least, I hope so. I got my sister and my bf to join. // :slight_smile:


I’m sorry that I have to say this, but this platform is dead on arrival. From the amount of likes I see on the most popular posts, there are less than 500 active users on the app. Yikes. Unless by some miracle TikTok is banned from North America, this app will be shut down by 2021 cause no one will use it anymore. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for this app to gain any traction, but it would be a huge stretch.

we’re in the trough of sorrow. most apps go through this.

But back then, Vine filled in a niche that nothing else did, but now that pretty much every other social media platform fills in that niche, Byte doesn’t have a place to cement itself. Dom even said that Byte is having a little trouble finding it’s identity. I mean look at OEVO, the app that was supposed to be an exact clone of Vine that came out while TikTok was starting to rise in popularity, flopped and had to shut down (ik that app had software issues too, but it’s also cause it’s niche is already filled). Unless Byte is paired with aggressive marketing (like, to the point of being promoted in a Marvel movie) or if TikTok is banned from North America / inaccessible to a large audience, I don’t see Byte taking off. At all.

Byte at the moment is only a hollow shell of what Vine was, except it’s filled in with something trying to be a TikTok clone, along with people already trying to bot their meme repost accounts.


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that number isn’t remotely close


We need to get more followers and views!!

In the last 30 days alone I have gained 688 new followers and over 120,000 loops.

How long do I have to wait until Byte starts dying?

Growth from mid April to mid May counts for 1/8 of my total followers and 1/12 my total loops.

It’s very odd to see someone come here and gage success by looking at the likes alone thinking that within itself is going to give someone an accurate picture.

Byte “dies” when people leave because they have your mentality. Do you know why people who have a big audience on TikTok, YouTube, or IG left early on? Because they did not see 1K likes worth making videos for, people like Haminations, Ben Jikrol, and so on. So when they left, a lot of their people they brought over left. That deflated the likes for the rest of us. Now, Byte is mostly made up of people who make videos for the joy of it because the current environment is weeding out people who just came here for fame and numbers. So yes, the numbers have dropped, but the app is growing. It’s just growing more on its own merit which is always an up hill battle, but the battle is won not when byte becomes big like TikTok, but when it becomes a sustainable business.

Stop gauging success by means of face value numbers because they tell you nothing.


But they are a good indicator of how a platform is doing based on ACTIVE users that AREN’T just bots. The platform went from the popular posts having 500 likes to less than 200 after 3 weeks. That’s a huge yikes. I know all of you want to have faith in the platform, but if it doesn’t get some aggressive marketing and sponsorships, OR TikTok doesn’t get banned in North America, the place is gonna be the new OEVO.

EDIT: Ok, so apparently there is a more active userbase, and I checked out the amount of downloads from March (which was around 60k, which is still a really low number), but it’s still dwarved by every other TikTok clone out there.

The topic of marketing has been addressed over and over and over and over and over. Look up a post where Dom answers why they aren’t investing in marketing rn.


Byte is not even available worldwide yet… Most of the other apps are.

Also the app is still in Beta, why would they want to spend money on aggressive advertising now? The Byte team seems to be doing tweaks while they are in this limbo stage.

If people did not stick around when beta was released, what would make the near same unfinished product any different? They are testing a lot out at the moment. Let them test before we get all gloom and doom.


Where can I get this merch that Dom speaks of?

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Personally, I won’t say near future but simply, future. It needs to anchor itself and to create itself it’s own place in the social media world…( sad but true ). I feel it growing more for the end of this year to new year 2021 then you’ll see some change in it’s developpement I think.

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There is definite potential to grow. Byte hasn’t done any large marketing pushes (yet). I like how they are listening to a smaller control group and making changes before doing so, so that the ads bring people to a more finished app, that will keep them engaged for longer. Personally I like being here to see the app grow and evolve, but I know a lot of people who are waiting to see what it turns into.


It’s funny how many people do not realize that this app is still in Beta form… Smh… I have strong faith in this app and it’s creators to guide Byte into the Lime Light it deserves… :blush: This community is what makes Byte everything else thats cool with this app is a bonus!!